Biking around Taiwan

is a logical and fun way to get around, a chance to see Taiwan closely, and to be immersed in Taiwanese culture. You'll find beautiful bike paths located in all types of landscapes, like breezy coastal pathways, culturally-infused urban roads, lush jungle routes and inspiring cloud forest trails.

Special Features

The most challenging experience cycling in Taiwan.

Taiwan's Central Cross-Island Highway going from sea level to 3,275 meters, 10,744 feet, is an excellent choice.

Experience the Nature beauty of Taiwan.

A great way to challenge your body and mind, and to experience the true beauty of Taiwan’s mountains and the friendliness of its people, you could make no better choice than to ride your bike around the island.

Planning the best biking route in Taiwan.

Selected biking trails represent the "best of the best" road bicycle riding in Taiwan, where you can enjoy this cycling tour and having pleasant sceneries in limited period.


This tour will be led by one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable cycling guides.


An air conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.


An amazing selection of Taiwanese meals are included throughout the tour.


Energy bars and electrolyte drinks as well as delicious local snacks are provided to keep your energy up for the riding.

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